A little bit about myself.

Originally from Costa Rica. Currently everywhere

Hi there,

I am Xavi, a designer, illustrator, and behavioral researcher with over 12 years of experience. I have a passion for psychology and design, and after overcoming my own struggles with anxiety and depression, I became fascinated with how products can help people live more fulfilling lives.

I received my education from the National Institute of Learning and am currently a Senior UX/UI Designer working freelance. In addition to my work, I also teach at Creative University in the UX/UI certification program and have contributed to product design for the FIFA World Cup.

My work has taken me to various locations around the world, including Houston, Canada, Costa Rica, New York, and more. In my free time, I enjoy soccer and spending time outdoors. I also have the distinction of placing first in the World Awards for Infographics Malofiej.

I am always open to collaboration, so don’t hesitate to reach out and chat!



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